Friday, March 23, 2007


I just got back from the movies and....Ok, call me sensitive or call me concious but, I recently saw two big box office hits, "Casino Royale" and "300," and both of these very popular films open with bruthas being killed.

White men just can't seem to envision a world where they don't start the show without taking a brutha out.

These films have the perfect combination of everything that would make white men (gay and straight), head directly for the box office; a white male superhero archetype, male and female nudity, death and destruction, and the obligatory offing of the black male "demon".

Why aren't we (black folks) making more movies?

Black people should at least make some movies where we envision our people fighting for our honor and dignity and take some of them (white folks) out like they continue to do to us in the films that they create.

Damn! Subconciously these films do nothing for positive black male self-esteem.

Duh...there not supposed to.

Black Sissy signing out.