Thursday, April 5, 2007


My work has me traveling freqently between L.A., NY, Atlanta and the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area. Earlier this year while at a NY Fashion Week party I literally bumped into this handsome young man that I later learned was also a model in one of the Fashion Week shows. At one point during the show, a parade of hot men began to pour from behind the flowing curtains that served as the backdrop for the collection. Then he appeared from behind the flowing curtains...tight body...eight pack abs, carmel mocha complexion. I was transfixed on him. I decided I had to meet him.

Later after the show, I waited like a backstage groupie at a Chris Brown concert. Suddenly he appeared and I introduced myself. He had a very pleasant demeaner and smile. His energy was very masculine yet gentle at the same time. I told him who I was and what I did for a living and then told him that he looked very familiar and figured that since he was a model that this is where the familiarity came from. Maybe I saw him in a magazine or something.

He then introduced himself as Demarco Majors and said that he is an athlete, a basketball player. Then it clicked. Yes, yes! You were on that website being interviewd as a gay basketball player I said. He smiled and said many people who have seen that interview have that reaction.

I told him that I was recenlty in Oakland California at the Uptown nightclub and remembered the promoter introducing you and saying that you were leaving for NY for Fashion Week.

He laughed and said yeah, yeah...that's my boy Joe Hawkins.

He then apologized for not being able to stay and talk because he was rushing to do a video shoot with Beyonce. I asked him for contact info and he gave me his number which I put into my phone wrong due to the rush.

He also gave me the website that the video was on I contacted Joe Hawkins and he sent me the links and pictures for my blog, THANKS JOE!

As I write this, I am also watching Beyonce's "Freakum Dress" Video on VH1 Soul and I can see glimpses of Demarco standing with a crowd of brothers checking out Beyonce in her new "Freakum Dress"(yeah right...I don't care how beautiful she is).

Beyonce..keep your hands off my future husband!

Hey...a guy can dream can't he? Wherever you are Demarco...good night honey.

Black Sissy


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