Monday, April 2, 2007


Someone recently forwarded an email to me from Dwight Powell producer of Miami Sizzle. Can't we just get along>


Hello Guys. Not sure if you've gotten word as yet, but there's a group of 10 plus individuals and groups that have been planning a Sizzle Takeover for the past few months. I am sending this email to you and a friend of Sizzle and Clik Magazine, thinking that you might be concerned. Just know that we are aware of all of their plans and have made and will continue to take steps to ensure that we maintain the Sizzle experience for our guest. This is a courtesy email to let you know that all's well.

The event is called the 1st Annual Meet Me In Miami and their official website ( You're probably saying to yourself that Sizzle has nothing to worry about. And you're probably right. I am just amazed at the list of people and promotions groups that involved in this. I have decided not to list the names here in my email. You can find them on their website. These are promoters from Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, New York, Miami and others.

For business reasons, I have decided not to open my events to outside promoters in fear of future possible problems. As a result of that decision the group has decided to challenge us. Sizzle is a year-round business and we treat it as such. They will be leaving their own cities, their own events to disrupt and event I started more than 5 years ago. As a rule we (Sizzle) stay out of their markets of other promoters. This group of men and "women", has no integrity, vision or creativity. If they did, their energies would be channeled towards an untapped market or event better, used to enhance their own events.

If you do business with anyone involved with this group, let them know that you can not and will not support their actions. Also, as an additional show of support for Sizzle, I enclosed a web banners that you could used on you website / blog / email blast.

Again we are OK and will do well.

Thanks for your support.

Dwight Powell
CEO / Sizzle Miami Inc
National Headquarters
Midtown Proscenium Center
1170 Peachtree Street NE, Suite 1200
Atlanta Georgia, 30309
(404) 885-6067 Office
(404) 885-6068 Fax


It's about time that the negative stuff that goes on among black gay organizers and promoters STOP!

We continue to operate from a place of scarcity. From what I saw when I was in Miami...shit..there was more than enough sissies to fill a few large clubs.

First, the producers of Miami Sizzle should just do what they do. No one owns Miami...except for rich white jewish people and cubans.

Miami Sizzle do your thing and don't trip. Anything as successful as Miami sizzle is bound to have copycats, opportunist and messy folks. Take it as a compliment.

Enough...It's time for me to clean up my bedroom.

Black Sissy


Donald Beans said...

You are a sad excuse for a man.

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