Monday, April 2, 2007


I'm chillin at my computer working, listening to and watching my favorite music station VH1 Soul when Beyonce's "Get Me Bodied" the video comes on. Although I have heard the song before I had never seen the video so I stopped working and focused on the video.

As I watched the video I was impressed (as always) with Beyonce's "dirty south/harlem hoochie" style of dancing. But I was even more impressed to see that she dedicated a section of her video and song to "The Kids" or gay men. This of course was confirmed for me when two "obviously" gay club heads appear dancing with a woman.

"A little sweat ain't never hurt nobody
While ya'll standin on the wall
I'm the one tonight gettin bodied"

Even her video "Freakum Dress" begins with to gay bruthas, who I believe were the choreographers or stylist for the that video. Good for you Beyonce!

Usually, black women don't understand the power of acknowledging their black gay male fan base publicly, at least not until they become old divas and are no longer afraid of being labled "homosexual" supporters.

I remember when Madonna came out with "Vogue" I thought, Now why didn't Janet Jackson come out with that? Black people have been so scared to publicly embrace black gay styles that they miss out on their blessings.

Beyonce, you have clinched your crown and "divadom" at an early age with a black gay fanbase young and old.

Don't stop, get it, get it.....get me bodied.

black sissy


Daniel said...

I have heard some songs sund by black people. They are nice. of cource. They are gift in songs. they have ability to show them. But some of them are scared.I read some issue like it no

written thoughts said...

I had heard that she gave a shout out to "the Kids" I think thats awesome. It must be recognized how her fan base within the gay community has undoubtedly help propel her to her current diva status. Hat off to you Ms. Knowles..snap for the kids!!!

Ray said...

This was a clever marketing career move,because her album is a failure.I'm not impressed. If she didn't need "the kids" to buy 5 more copies each of her album do u think she would play to them so obviously? i think not...dont be fooled people!